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Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.

Hard working

Leading Spiritual Marketing Expert

Hi, my name is Jock and I am a business coach with years of experience in helping small businesses and entrepeneurs transform their lives using a combination of spirituality and real marketing prowess.

“First you must perceive, then you must believe and then you will conceive.”
Useful marketing

I believe passionately that Intuition and marketing essentials are the same.

The greatest minds in the world have identified that a basis for any type of success is entrenched in spiritual skills and knowledge and that application to real life in the material world. Combining your spirit with real marketing skill, makes you unstoppable.

Creative in all aspects

Thinking outside the box and using highly developed intuitive skills has set me aside as an expert with a unique skillset that is invariably powerful, which then translates to my clients. 

I empower you with more than just a little knowledge on how to use tools or how to use social media. I help you unlock the power of your own spirit and harness it to get real life changing results using your mind, body and soul. 

CEO’s of large organizations, non-profit’s, health and those in the publishing industry have used my guidance to get real results in their businesses. 

  • Do you have a book in you
  • Want or need to be your own boss
  • Feel blocked and stuck 
  • Have no support
  • Yearn for success 
Then join me on your journey and let me be  your guide. 
How does it work

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