You can be successful, you can achieve anything, you can change and you can clear what's holding you back. All it takes is awareness.

I will make you aware and awaken the potential inside by sowing the seeds of greatness and coaching you to success through inner awareness.

Life Changing and That's Guaranteed!!


I’m all about one thing: Changing your life with Awareness and Action.

Awaken Your Inner Power and Helping you Change your life. 


I help you grow, then the rest grows naturally

Working with me is an investment in you. Instead of wasting time missing opportunities. We are going to shorten the time it takes for you to change your life and your outlook, which means the rest changes as a natural progression. By making you #aware and taking action. You achieve your dreams

"Your Awareness helps you take action"

jb spiritual marketing
How does it work

We'll just go through these 4 easy steps


Let's have a quick discussion

Get your free 30 min coaching call. This is where you can tell me about your business and decide to move forward.


Understanding you
and your dreams

We will go through what is is that motivates you and your business or life dreams.


Develop the #awareness strategy

Together we will develop a plan of action to achieve your realistic goals. You will learn what’s needed and how to do it. 


Deploy the #awareness strategy

Deploying the strategy to help you break through and attract and achieve your desires.

The journey of a thousand miles does not start with the first step, it starts with the decision to take the step!

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What my clients say

Jock is a genius. Need help getting your name/business out there?… Jock is your man.

Jake Duncan
Stewarding Life Wellness

“Jock Brocas is a wonderful marketing mentor who really wants you to succeed! Do yourself a huge favor and book a consult with him!”

Lahela Hekekia
Lahela Fit

“Jock goes above and beyond to coach me in my business and introduce me to the perfect opportunities. He is deeply knowledgeable. I’ve learned a lot from him. “

Nicole Cruz
Super Busy Mommy Coach
Let's talk

Let me coach you to success with attraction marketing.