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Reprogram Your Mind For Business and Success


Welcome to the attraction marketing show. This is the podcast where you learn to use universal power, spiritual knowledge, combined with real marketing tactics, tools and skills to create the life you deserve and not the one you desire and never fulfill.

Learn to blend spirituality with real marketing skills to bring you real life results online and offline and increase your online presence. Hosted by Jack Brocas. Author, marketing consultant, medium and spiritual teacher.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to attraction Marketing. Can you train your brain? Can you train your mind for success? That’s something that we are going to get into talking about affirmation in business, how we can utilize spiritual capacity to be successful in our business. How you can retrain the brain and get rid of those negative concepts in your life. When we come right back, I’m going to show you the quickest and easiest way to reprogram your mind for success in business; God bless.

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Reprogram Your Mind For Success

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Today we are going to talk about how you can reprogram your mind and business. There are so many business coaches and on lots of workshops and books that you read; they talk about how affirmation can change your subconscious thoughts, how using affirmations every single day can actually reprogram your brain and get rid of the negative patterns that’s in there.

But what happens when it doesn’t work? What happens when you’ve seen all these affirmations and nothing’s actually changing for you? That makes you feel bad and also makes you feel that it’s not what can and the spiritual law doesn’t work. And why should I even bother in my business?

Well, let me actually break it down and show you a secret. And I’ll tell you a secret of how you can actually power up those affirmations and retrain your brain, program your mind for success and it may not be the way that you actually think.

So as we get into it let’s talk about the brain waves okay. And the brain waves we have different waves that operate in different frequencies and those frequencies states, it means the brain is active our mind is active in a certain way or it is operating in a certain way. So we have Gamma and brain wave, we have the Beta, the Alpha, the Theta and the Delta and each level of those, each part of those brain waves operate a different frequency, a different house and the brain speeds up and slows down those frequencies. And that is actually the difference. That is what makes us is you know as myself as a medium or a spiritual teacher, I’m understanding meditation and spiritual practices and different aspects of brainwaves but in reality, in business they have just so much application to their understanding and how we can actually become more successful in our own businesses.

And when we work with a spiritual coach or when we work with a business consultant or someone and they try to tell you to be more positive or to do these affirmations, read these affirmations, don’t see them and read them. You know whether you got on a screen, whether you’ve got them on your ceiling or you read it so many of these self-help books as it put it on a matter put your affirmation on and you can see it.

But if you don’t bring every aspect of your mind, body and your soul together, then it’s really just what it squawking glibly. And you can’t really put the power that you need, the divine power that you need to cause the universe to activate in such a way that will bring these affirmations into reality. Remember that your conscious mind you label the sound, you have you have this conscious thought you can wield something, you can you can you have free will in your choice through your conscious mind, your subconscious mind doesn’t your subconscious mind reacts and whenever you impress upon it. And so what we impress upon it is a secret, it is a key to unlocking the doors the secrets to the universe. And so what we’re going to talk about is how we can utilize those brainwaves and train and program in our mind for success. And when you understand how easy it is, you’re really going to be quite shocked.

So, just take a moment and just think about how active your brain is during the day on how active your brain has even when you’re doing those affirmations. You’ve got to think about it consciously thinking about it and then seeing. What if there was this easy way? So we have the Gamma we are not problem solving perception. You know we’re thinking of something of what some of the known to be aware real active. We’re communicating with people, we are having an awareness of our daily life and we make the choice to see affirmation and then we have the alpha state.

The alpha state is what we want to concentrate on and the alpha state is that day dreams day is before sleep, at some point you’re awake. It says you’re just going in a meditative state; that is the state I want you to try and understand because that is the state that you will be operating in. And this is what’s going on actually put up your affirmations and this is what’s going to change your brain power if you like or program your mind more towards the success that you’re looking for or the breakthroughs that you’re trying to do or if you’re stuck with something and this is where you’re going to get those answers.

While in the alpha state when we’re in that daydreams state before we’re going to sleep. It is upon when we are awake. Those are the two secret times; all of the two times that you should be programming your mind. Those are when you should be using your affirmations before you go to sleep at night and you’re just drifting off, or you’re causing your rising again in that state, you’re getting an alpha state or slowing down,  okay we’re getting relaxed and we’re almost gone in a meditative state but not quite capable of daydreaming. This is at that point in the alpha state where you can start to daydream about things.

So, that’s when you want to impress your mind. That’s when you want impress as you’re falling asleep; seeing you are mention you know your success or you. You’re a wonderful business person and you know you’re thankful and have thanks as well. One of the things I always say is to give thanksgiving gratitude for your business give thanks, give gratitude for everything in your life because gratitude you’ve had the same gratitude is the attitude is thankfulness is an amazing power to actually have.

And the other thing is forgiveness and compassion. So when you’re in this alpha state when you’re just going to you know you close your eyes and you’re going and that came a sleepy state, that’s when you want to see your affirmation, that’s when you want to see your business affirmations whatever my affirmations I’m not going to tell you what to see, I’m not going to write them down. That will be for another video where I’ll give you some affirmations to deal with. But the moment you want to see it affirmations you know whatever it is you’re going into that point. That’s when you want to see you want to be thankful for your business, you want to be thankful for your new clients.

And then you want to see an affirmation and in another video I’m going to talk about the role of our affirmation and visualization but for now what I want you to do is just see that affirmation because that is the alpha state you’d impress in the subconscious mind and what you impress it will activate in the universe. There is no ifs ands or buts or anything whatever you impress on a subconscious. It will play out in the universe and divine timing. So you want to impress it that way, you want impress your mind in that way, so that’s done.

You’ve done you’ve done enough affirmations or whatever just before to go to sleep and then you need to get into the practice of when you wake up in the morning.

The minute you wake up in the morning and give thanks. Be aware of your surroundings; be aware of what’s the danger. Be aware of the bugs tree and then see it as your coming into that awareness and action remember. I keep seeing this when you as you come to that awareness that is when you want to immediately go in saying your affirmations because you’re coming, you’re back in the alpha state, you’re in the alpha state your brain waves are receptive your subconscious is receptive.

And as you go in and you see it affirmation, your thanks for your business, thanks for you and your clients, you’re saying affirmations you’re working through your breakthroughs, you’ll impress in the subconscious as you’re awake as well and that’s it guys.

That’s actually the secret, it doesn’t matter how many things you see affirmations through the day. Those two times morning and then the evening before we go to sleep and as you awake. It is a hundred times more powerful than anything that you impress on your main during the day because during the day would in the best day or in the Gamma state and we were problems, we can’t impress the subconscious as much as we think we can. That’s one of the reasons why your affirmations don’t work when you say them tons of times during the day as repetitive, repetitive, repetitive.

But what if you can you can cut that down see at night as you go to sleep and see it in the morning as you’re awake. You’re actually empowering yourself a lot more than you think by working in the alpha state morning and night; in that state, you’re impressing the subconscious and it’s even more powerful than seeing an affirmation 100 times during the day. Yes go on and see your affirmation. Yes go on and you will perceive, believe, conceive. Yes see these things. Yes you know get your conscious mind as well into the realm into that role of actually seeing and training yourself to see something; it has a place but the two most powerful times to really reprogram your mind and your brain is the alpha state in the evening before you go to sleep and the alpha state as you awake.

Ladies and gentlemen that is the truth seekers. If you have any questions please get back to me. I hope it helps you and let me know. Let me know below if you do it. Let me know if you have more success when you do it. Let me know if things change for you for the better as you do. It’s not going to change overnight, but it is going to help you a lot more.

Till the next time. God bless. And then the next video, we’re going to be talking more about those states but in a different way. God bless.

You’ve been listening to attraction marketing. Join us again on another episode. Send in your questions and get involved, don’t forget to Perceive, Believe, Conceive.

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